Regul R600 PLC

The REGUL R600 controller, with an extended temperature range and additional mechanical and electromagnetic protection, is intended for the building of large, mission-critical process control systems.


  • Solutions requiring improved equipment reliability (the support of different controller backup schemes and remote input/output stations)
  • Solutions for nonserviced automation sites requiring increased equipment preparedness and simplified service (quick module changes, rigid tamper-proof module form factors, a wide range of operating temperatures)
  • High-precision measurement systems for demanding applications
  • Fault-tolerant process control systems with discontinuous physical processes (redundant control systems) with a minimal program performance cycle, specialized modules for high-speed measurement of physical parameters


  • Hot-backup CPU and power modules
  • Several types of controller redundancy (100% redundancy, redundancy only of the major components, etc.)
  • Hot-swapping of all controller modules (without power shutdown or application program interruption)
  • Remote configuration and program updates (by Ethernet/RS-232/RS-485 interfaces; no application program interruption in redundant configuration)
  • Connection of remote input/output stations to central processor by a double-redundant ring network
  • Redundant high-speed internal data bus
  • Nonvolatile storage: 4 GB for user archives
  • Epsilon LD execution environment with support for the five standard IEC 61131-3 languages


  • 6U Eurocard modules in 19” rack mount
  • Screwless fastening for rapid removal and fixation of modules during hot swapping
  • Improved electromagnetic protection of the controller and enclosure of the modules, protective module form factor
  • Passive cooling; no mechanical or rotating structural components
  • On-panel or in-cabinet mounting


  • Up to 255 expansion subracks
  • Up to 12 input/output modules in one subrack (single-channel option)
  • Ring-type network topology inside each subrack and between subracks
  • Support of redundant internal network by I/O modules
Minimum task cycle time1 ms

Switchover time from main to backup controller5 ms
Timing accuracy50 µs
Mean time between failures (MTBF) for a controller module150 000 hours
Input power
85…264 VAC/120…370 DC, 18…36 VDC
Operating temperature-40 to +60 °С

Supported interfaces

  • RS-232 (9-pin, full duplex, speed 300–115200 bps, opto-isolation 500/1500 V, overvoltage protection)
  • RS-422/RS-485 (9-pin, speed 300–115200 bps, full-channel opto-isolation 500/1500 V, overvoltage protection) – up to 96 ports per controller
  • Ethernet 10/100/1000 RJ-45 (full duplex) – up to 4 ports per CPU
  • Ethernet 10/100/1000 FO (single-mode, multi-mode) – up to 2 ports per CPU

Supported communication protocols*

  • IEC 61870-5-101 (master/slave)
  • IEC 61870-5-104 (master/slave)
  • Modbus RTU (master/slave, with expansion capabilities)
  • Modbus TCP (master/slave, with expansion capabilities)
  • EtherCAT

*Additional communication protocols, including nonstandard ones, can be implemented according to your requirements.

Supports various redundancy schemes:

  • 100% full backup
  • Backup for only the CPU and bus controller/power supply units
  • Combined backup schemes

Backup parameters:

  • Switchover time: less than 5 ms
  • Redundant data transmission protocol: UDP
  • Duplicated communication channels between processors
  • Automatic synchronization of the application program

Transfer of control conditions:

  • Based on the results of PLC bus diagnostics
  • Involves stopping the application
  • Occurs in the absence of communication with the master CPU