Gas Odorizing Control System

Gas Odorizing Control System

The gas odorizing control system is designed to automatically control the process of supplying odorant to a gas pipeline in proportion to the actual natural gas flow with a given degree of odorizing.


The odorizing unit control system is based on the REGUL R400 programmable logic controller and the REGUL R200 distributed I/O system. The system is equipped with adapters and spark-protection barriers to safely connect measurement equipment and actuators.

The REGUL R400 plays the role of an operator console to set the system and process parameters, visualize technological information, and show events and a breakdown history on the panel display.  Additionally, information can be sent to external systems via digital communication channels (RS-485 and Ethernet) or printed out as reports.

Major functions

  • Odorant supply at a required concentration in proportion to the gas flow
  • Odorant supply control (feedback from the flow controller)
  • Odorant-level monitoring in the odorant tank
  • Pressure monitoring in the odorant tank
  • Compiling of reports
  • Logging of events and breakdowns
  • Access control
  • Information transfer via RS-485 (Modbus RTU) and Ethernet (Modbus TCP)
  • Data storage on an external USB flash drive
  • Printing of reports (printer connected via USB or Ethernet)

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