Control System for Gas Pressure Regulators

Control System for Gas Pressure Regulators

The control system for gas pressure regulators is designed to ensure automatic control of the gas supply to the customer. The system provides flexible process automation and real-time control of the major technological parameters. It implements various scenarios involving the major equipment functions.


The control system for gas pressure regulators is based on the REGUL R400 programmable logic controller and the R200 distributed I/O system. The system is equipped with adapters and spark-protection barriers to safely connect measurement equipment and actuators.

The REGUL R400 also plays the role of an operator console used to set the system and process the parameters, visualize technological information, and show events and an alarm history on the panel display. Additionally, information can be sent to outside systems via digital communication channels (RS-485 and Ethernet).

Besides the control system, the following equipment is necessary:

  • A gas pressure regulator with a remote parameter control function
  • An input pressure transducer
  • An output pressure transducer
  • A gas meter

Main functions

  • Remote control of the natural gas pressure and flow at gas distribution stations
  • Automatic control of the natural gas pressure and flow in accordance with a preset scenario
  • Status monitoring and equipment checks
  • Gas supply optimization and energy efficiency improvement (due to the keeping of the preset natural gas flow to smooth down peak loads and the use of the gas transport system as a gas storage facility)
  • Prevention of gas flow exceeding the gas meter range (gas meter overload protection)
  • Safety valve duplication (control of the pressure sensor activation signal)
  • Management of multithread systems with shock-free thread activation/deactivation and a uniform load distribution among the threads

By extending these two systems with minimal additional functionality makes a control system for gas distribution stations.

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