Regul Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) line is oriented on the use in local and distributed control systems in process industries, with requirements of high availability, flexibility in network topology, processing power.

The major features of Regul PLCs include:
– Powerful CPU modules with support of web visualization and MySQL databases (certain configurations)
– Minimum task cycle of just 1 ms (5 ms in redundancy); switchover from main to backup CPU in less than two cycles
– 1 ms scan time
– Operation on a redundant (dual ring), high-speed internal bus
– Redundancy of power supplies, I/O, CPU, bus, CPU interconnection, SCADA connection
– Hot-swapping of every PLC module, including bus modules and sub-rack extension modules
– Custom modules for fiscal applications and turbine control/protection


Modular design allows you to crate almost any configuration of the system and extend it, when necessary. Flexible network configuration allows segmenting, mixing network topologies in one system and simple address settings via hardware switches.

Redundancy is reached by dual ring internal bus with hot-swappable modules, hot-standby CPUs. Built-in protocols allow the use of almost any third-party field device and SCADA system.

Regul R600 PLC

Regul R600 is a high-availability real-time programmable logic controller, designed for the use in process industries, where additional electromagnetic protection is preferred.

Regul R500S – Safety Controller

The REGUL R500S programmable logic controller (PLC) is designed for the use in emergency shutdown systems (ESD) and conforms to the functional safety integrity level 3 (SIL3), according to IEC 61508.

REGUL R500S Controller:

  • Features specialized equipment for ESD systems development at hazardous production facilities
  • Conforms to the functional SIL3 according to IEC 61508
Regul R500 PLC

Regul R500 is a high-availability real-time programmable logic controller, designed for the use in process industries.

It features high-speed dual ring data bus, allowing fast collection of data for further processing, even with complex algorithms, without compromising on speed.

Its flexibility of communications and a special focus on redundancy, instrument-free replacement of hot-swappable modules, make it controller of choice when processes must go uninterrupted.

Regul R400 HMI/CPU
The REGUL R400 controller is a combination of a human-machine interface and a CPU in one module. It can work with all the modules of the I/O controllers in the REGUL RX00 series.
Regul R200 PLC
Regul R200 is one of the most powerful compact programmable logic controllers on the market.

The controller modules are available for purchase from our web store.

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