Join the Efficiency Days in Belgrade

On October 24, 2019, GP Systems GmbH will be bringing Regul controllers and provide a presentation to the visitors of EPLAN Efficiency Days in Belgrade, Serbia. The event is organized by Exor Eti, an engineering company headquartered in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and having offices across Balkan countries. Join our experts to update your know-how about the.. read more →

09 Oct 2019
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New section – video tutorials

We’ve added first two episodes of Video Tutorials with Regul controllers to our website. The current lessons show implementation of redundancy in the controllers and configuration of standby controller in Epsilon LD, and a configuration of Modbus communication. read more →

08 Oct 2019
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What is PLC

Programmable logic controller (PLC) was born as a device, capable of collecting and processing data from the sensor and equipment on the factory floor and then providing output to the equipment, valves, motors, etc., connected to it. PLCs are based on a computer, or transistor logic. This was implemented with the spread of the digital.. read more →

12 Sep 2019
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AlfaRegul SCADA + PLC – one solution for distributed control systems

The system is a combination of process controllers from Regul RX00 series and Alpha Platform SCADA. AlfaRegul is an industrial control system (ICS) for the automation of production processes. AlfaRegul ICS is designed for creating control systems of large production facilities with distinct breakdown by functional features as well as for building distributed control systems.. read more →

06 Sep 2019
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Vibration Monitoring Sensors

Every factory has powerful electric motors, pumps, compressors, turbines, steam absorbers, and other equipment that has to be maintained in operating conditions. Any unexpected shutdown of this equipment leads to costly effects for the company. To avoid emergency situations, should be observed vibration levels of the equipment and done vibration diagnostics. And the more expensive.. read more →

01 Sep 2019
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Buy online Regul R200 PLC

From today at our web store you can pre-order Regul R200, the compact and fast PLC, programmable with IEC 61131-3 languages, operating over the same bus as any other Regul controller. If you have questions on the selection of modules and finding the best suitable configuration, just send us an e-mail to read more →

02 Jul 2019
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Now you can leave your questions to our team and read an answer in the FAQs. read more →

20 Jun 2019
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Follow us on Instagram

Visit us on Instagram and stay alway up-to-date: read more →

07 Apr 2019
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GP Systems signed a memorandum of understanding with the Italian SSE S.p.A., expert in rotating equipment

In December 2018 a memorandum of understanding was signed between Sirio Solutions Engineering S.p.A. (SSE S.p.A.) from Prato, Italy, Zeinet&SSE LLP from Almaty, Kazakhstan, and GP Systems GmbH from Kassel, Germany. The companies came to an agreement after a number of meetings between them and a joint participation in the ADIPEC 2018 trade fair. Sirio.. read more →

07 Mar 2019
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REGUL PLCs come to the Mediterranean

REGUL Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) line is to come to the Offshore Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition. The event will take place in the period from March, 27 to 29 of 2019, in Ravenna (Italy) as the gateway to the Mediterranean Energy Hub for 650 exhibitors from 33 countries. GP Systems GmbH engineers will demonstrate the.. read more →