GP Systems GmbH: Complete Product Line for Process Automation

We are an industrial automation manufacturer that specializes on the hardware and software for automation of continuous and/or fast processes. A vendor with deep expertise in control systems, in combining multiple systems to operate together and to provide 24/7/365 operation of the equipment. Every system and solution proposed is thought through the prism of this expertise.

Our R&D team counts several hundred engineers and 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing redundant systems. Having own R&D team provides us with flexibility on changing the designs when necessary.

Internalized production processes include everything from purchase of industrial components to PCB assembly, testing, calibration, packaging and technical support. All the devices are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 certified factory, with test runs of all the modules in temperature chamber for at least 48 hours.

Additionally, the factory has a test laboratory with equipment for extended climatic testing, equipment for electromagnetic and metrological testing to verify the technical specifications during development.Today we are offering you to be the judge of our solutions.

Regul controllers have been controlling steam and gas turbines of up to 800 megawatt power. Line of safety controller is certified for compliance with SIL3. Largest control system with AlfaRegul SCADA has 27 operator workstations, 11,000 signals, 30 servers, 77 controllers.

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