Smart Metering for LACT Units The system is a high-accuracy fiscal metering system for Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) units, able to measure, compute, and store data on oil.
Electronic Overspeed Trip A system for steam turbines ranging from small industrial to power industry ones. Based on R600 custom modules with 2oo3 voting.
Regul R600 PLC A redundant PLC with the power of PC plus electromagnetic protection. Well-suited for power stations, turbine control and protection.
Regul R500 PLC A redundant PLC with the power of PC. Highly convenient for fiscal applications, simplifying certification. Flexible and powerful when building redundant process control systems.
Regul R200 PLC Compact PLC for the use in small control systems, standalone systems, or as a remote I/O.

High-availability programmable logic controllers and compact PLCs

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