Automation Solutions for Oil and Gas Industry

Automation in oil and gas industry presents strict requirements to the reliability of the programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and to their technical specifications.

Technical features of Regul controllers for oil and gas industry
– Support of redundant operation by design
– Fast and flexible communications between racks and with SCADA systems
– Minimum scan time to enable detailed analysis of the field data
– CPU architecture with MySQL database, VGA/DVI output, USB port for keyboard
– High-accuracy analog input modules for fiscal metering applications
– Fiberoptic rack connection for remote I/Os

Oil midstream applications
– Control systems for oil pumping stations on pipelines
– Control systems and fiscal metering systems for LACT units
– Wastewater filtration control systems

Oil upstream applications
– Control system for oil extraction well cluster

Gas industry
– Flair control system
– Gas odorizing systems
– Control systems for compressor units
– Control system and electronic overspeed trip for gas turbine.